Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 13

Ahh today was another long day. But verging on progressive!! Being surround by english at all times, I find it really hard to know when I can try a poor attempt at my spanish. I don´t exactly feel comfortable speaking spanish with someone that speaks english as well. I usually feel like I´m either comparing my spanish to theirs, or that they´re judging me. I know that obviously this is not true in the least, but HEY, it happens! So I finally worked up enough courage to start talking to my dad (brutally I might add) in the car ride today. It was not too bad. I actually found out some things, and it didn´t feel as uncomfortable, not having to sit through one another silent car ride. Yesterday, we had PE... YES THAT´S RIGHT PENTICTON, CHELAN PLAYED A SPORT! We played volleyball! The classes were split up, girls and boys so I was in a class of all girls. All very unathletic, scared of the ball girly girls! So, for once, I actually felt that, since I could actually bump serve and set, that I was one of the more athletic kids hahahah WHO KNEW HUH?? But things are starting to slow down for me. Getting into a routine, trying to pick up spanish. I feel I might fall into a bit of a lull with my blogs, so I will try my bestest to keep them lively for you. School will soon be over, I might travel to Brazil with my class as a ¨Prom Trip¨ so I will keep everyone updated! Chau chau for now!

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