Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day 11

Sometimes, I think about home and how easy everything is. I can´t imagine having an effortless conversation with someone, it would be so strange and foreign at the moment. Even if I AM barely speaking spanish, there´s still the effort put into trying to understand everything. ´The thought of home is just too simple! I woke up this morning and found out that we were going somewhere. I understood that it wasn´t to church, but that´s it. So we got in the car and started to drive. We ended up in this little town about 20mins outside of Santa Cruz called Cotoca. We wandered around and ended up at church. We didn´t stay too long, wandering out into the courtyard. My dad tried to explain the story of the Virgin of Cotoca, but I didn´t really understand (do I ever?!). We lit some candles, and then looked around at the other displays (of Mary, Jesus etc) and then went to go eat some `traditional cruceño food´. I swear it all consists of two things: your basic carb (either bread, potatoe or corn) and cheese (YES, children of Ecuador, it is the infamous squeedgey cheese!). The morning was exciting yes, but Sundays are for relaxing. So I am off to spend the rest of the day in lounge mode. Chau chau!

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