Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 16

Oh good lord did I ever have an interesting day today. For the second day in a row, we were traveling somewhere instead of going to school (I have NOTHING to complain about). We went to the Catholic University of Bolivia (UCB not UBC!). There was some sort of career fair going on, so we got to tour around the university checking out jobs like engineering, law, dentistry etc. I walk into this one room, and what do I see? Cadavers!!!! Yes that´s right. I come into this room full of med students in their lab coats, and kids with rubber gloves TOUCHING these dead bodies. They weren´t even plasticised like in Body Works. They were more... dehydrated (for the most part), looking moderately mummified. I took some photos, so I´ll try to post them onto my facebook soon. The rest of the trip was interesting, but not as eventful. We stole some hot chocolate which was more like melted down chocolate in a cup, found a mime and a really creepy clown, and crowded back onto the buses to be taken back to the school (which was over by the time we got there). Then Brodie, Marvel and I went to Burger King for lunch. I was REALLY hoping that they had veggie burgers like they do in Canada, but I was quite unlucky. Brodie was telling me how in NZ, their BK veggie burgers aren´t a veg pattie, but ONION RINGS in the burger! So we got them to take out the meat, and put in onion rings instead! It wasn´t too bad to tell you the truth. Then it was time for my first spanish class, which was... slightly boring. I´m in the beginner class, and we just covered verbs. AR verbs actually.. woo. But apparently they test us often to see if we should upgrade into the other class, so I have hope still. This evening, Brodie and I went to this cultural festival that happens every Friday in September to celebrate Santa Cruz, at my dad´s work CRE (some electric company I think). It was quite interesting, with dancing, singing, traditional music and some poetry thrown in there. I´m glad that my family is showing me around the cultural side of things here, because there is so much to see, do and learn. Now I´m off to Brodie´s house, to stay over for the night... which is apparently a big deal in South America. Sleepovers are like a... once in a lifetime event for most Bolivian kids. So I guess this should be pretty exciting! Night!!

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