Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day 17

Right now, I am wearing yoga pants, sweatpants, two hoodies, a sweater and two pairs of socks. It can´t be more than 10ºC outside, and no I´m not kidding. The past few days have been pretty chilly, windy and rainy but yesterday the temp dropped so much (I swear from 30 to 10 in the space of a day and a half) that I don´t know what to do with myself. It doesn´t help that most windows are pretty breezy. This cold is only supposed to be here till Monday, but WOOO do I ever miss the heat (and to think that only a few days ago I was thinking that I can´t wait for a bit of cold back in Canada). Today was a churrasco (bbq) for most of the exchange students in Santa Cruz. My family was to pick me up at Brodie´s at eleven o´clock SHARP.. Aka: Not there until 11:50am. Then we all crammed into the car, and drove a little ways out of town, towards Cotoca, to this little quinta, country house type thing of one of the Rotary members. I got there, and guess who I saw? JUAN! Finally, after being in the same city for almost three weeks, we ran into each other. It was SO good to see someone that´s been through the same things as you. Knows your friends, your family, your experiences. It was really comforting. There were also a bunch of other exchange students (about 20 or so) from the States, and then one from Canada, one from France and Brodie from New Zealand. It was nice to see all the intercambios. I like getting the time to know everyone, although it´s still more time being spent speaking english. Not much was done at the bbq, besides safety speeches about wearing backpacks, jewlery etc and being openly foreign. There was also a lot of meat. Which was not, obviously, enjoyed by all (hah). Now that I am home and freezing to death, I think I need to curl up in my bed. Gooood night.

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Anonymous said...

i still can't believe you're over there!! it's fucking nuts!

sounds like you're having fun though!.. i miss you alot!