Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 15

Well, today was definitely an interesting day (to say the least). We were going to my brother´s school today, Don Bosco, to have a presentation, yet no one seemed to know what this presentation was about. It was pouring rain, so we caught a micro (bus) the two blocks to the other colegio. We got there, along with three other private catholic schools just in time to start the presentation. It was quite confusing at first, one it being all in spanish, and two, the man was talking about emotions, relationships etc.. Then they brought out a band, and got everyone dancing. It was then that Maija and I realized that this was more of a religious group, sort of like... youth group I guess. But we danced nonetheless, and I got some AMAZING dance moves on video. But then they started talking about sexuality, premarital sex and masturbation.. It was quite the interesting conversation. There were some concepts in there that I´d never heard of before. Like losing the sparkle in your eye, the timbre of your voice and your youthful vitality if you masturbate. I´ve been immersed in this catholic culture for the past two weeks, yet today seemed to affect me slightly more. I just felt.. moderately uncomfortable being there, with Brodie and Maija being the only other two out of.. probably close to 200 kids, not fully participating while they prayed for almost half an hour. Coming home, I spent most of the day at home, napping, went to my bro´s soccer game.. AS PER USUAL hahaha. Yesterday: English class is another joke, we do NADA. We split into groups, into people that can speak english vs. the ones that can´t. We usually end up in the library or something, just chatting for the hour and a half of classtime. I also had my first music class, which consisted of sitting around, with some people jammin´ it up on the guitar. BUT we did sing the national anthem at the end of class. Well, everyone else did. I don´t know if I´ll ever learn, it´s a good ten minutes long hahaha. Brodie came over for lunch, which was slightly awkward but nice. We then went to go get manicures, because apparently it´s something most girls do weekly. Alan took me to this school where I took a spanish test, to check my proficiency. Rotary is putting all of us into classes, to hopefully improve our speech abilities. The test wasn´t too difficult, but we´ll see where they put me on Friday. I sat through part of the intermediate level class, and it was pretty easy, so I can´t imagine what the beginner spanish class is like. I also got some passport photos taken for my soon to be VISA! I shall soon be legally in this country haha! I talked to my parents and Julia on Skype for the first time, and it is SO damn cool! Fancy fancy technology these days..

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Erika said...

Okay, tengo una do you say ''timbre of your voice'' en español???