Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 24

WARNING: This just might possibly be an angsty blog post. I´ve been trying to keep it out of anything that I post on here, only the positives, but I feel the need to let everyone know how I´ve been truely feeling the past few days. I´m starting to get very tired of sitting at home. I´m getting tired of overproctective parents. Alan (my brother) says that it´ll take time, that they´ll get accustomed to me going out... but I really don´t know. They are who they are. I don´t think that someone will change who they are, change their views of parenting over the span of a month or so. I know that I should just wait it out, and give them time to get used to having an 18 yr old, VERY independant girl on their hands.. I feel like I´m wasting this time of my exchange though. Like, I spend so much time at home, not experiencing the city. And being at home is fine, if I´m spending time with the family, but it seems that they don´t spend a lot of time together. Everyone hangs out in their rooms, watching tv. So I´m at home, tv or computering, not bonding with the family, and not going out with friends. I should be enjoying my exchange. It´s not like I´m having a horrible time or anything, but I am for sure not having a super good time. I´m tired of walking on eggshells, trying to find ways to work around the parents to let me go out past 7pm. I´m an adult, and yet, I´m treated like a seven year old. And I know that, yes, I don´t speak the language, no I can´t drive myself around, and I am pretty dependant on others in that way, but I am no idiot! I know how to handle myself properly, I can tell who´s a sketch and who´re the people that I should be hanging out with. I can´t grow and learn from the experiences, if I´m not experiencing anything. And I enjoy most of the time spent with this family, I just think they need to lighten up. They need to realize that they can´t.. baby me as much, being 18 (and legal might I add). I think I need to finally get a hold of my councilor and have a chat about a few things..

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Erika said...

I COMPLETELY understand how you feel about home time...We have four TVs! But it will all get better, or the country will go to war and we'll be sent somewhere else...great perspective, right?