Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 2

Hello everyone! Last night, I went to a huge soccer game at the stadium in town.. It was pretty impressive. Teams: Blooming (Santa Cruz) vs. Olimpia (Paraguay). The away team had a full band with them as the cheering squad. Everyone was pretty dang intense about the game too. I learned new swear words hahahaha. In the end, there were police dressed up, seeming to be all ready for a mob of sorts. We got out, right before Blooming scored the only goal (apparently it was a really bad game). Today, was quite the lazy day with no one home except for grandma and Alan, who seemed to be sleeping in the new hammaca :D We ended up going to see a few of his friends, which was really intimidating at first (FRIENDS?! They´ll know I´m the weird foreign kid!!!). But it was awesome. He spoke english better than Alan, and was super nice.. Lived in Spain, had been a vegetarian. Reminded me of the typical spanish hippie hahaha. Which reminds me, being a hippie here is a huge insult. They´re the bums that sit on the corner, dirty, selling homemade jewlery. I then drove around, dropping people off, picking them up and going to Alan and Oliver´s soccer(ish) game. I know sit at home, where Christian and I try to figure out what is wrong with my broken laptop. Off to a good weekend hopefully.. chau!

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