Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day 9

It was today that I realized that I´m a little upset with the advancement of my spanish skills. I´m still not very comfortable talking to people, thinking that they´ll judge how well I can speak. I know they aren´t, but nonetheless, it´s impeding any progress in my spanish. Comparing myself to the other few exchange students I know at my school (even though I know I shouldn´t).. Now, I know that everyone progresses at their own pace, but it´s hard to get into your head. It´s hard not being comfortable enough to communicate with people. You´re so dependant upon others, and very isolated in your own thoughts. I was thinking about the stages of your exchange, and I am obviously out of the `honeymoon, sightseer´stage.. back to being stuck about the language. I know that I´ll get it eventually, but I´m in a rut! I can´t work on my relationships with people until I can talk to them, so this is very difficult. Hahah umm.. Classes are boring. Computer class was a waste of time, we played games the whole class. I´m a little surprised at the new experience of overprotective parenting. I mean, it´s understandable, being their first girl, it being a new experience for them and not knowing how to deal with it... but sometimes.. Like today, I was dropped off at the school and I saw my friend Brodie up the street, so I started walking up to meet her. My host dad then whistled to get my attention, and started pointing into the school, telling me to go straightaway inside. He didn´t leave until I was safely in the school. It´s not like the area is really dangerous, a lot of kids walk to school.. it just hurts a little not to be trusted. We went to my bro´s final `fútsol´game tonight. It´s called fútbol de salon, and it´s a little different that soccer (less players, played in a gym, smaller ball etc). They tied the gam 4 all, but apparently had won the previous game and had therefore won the championship! We went to a restaurant to celebrate later that night. The family thought I was crazy because I didn´t want to eat dinner at 11pm. I tried explaining how we eat dinner at 5 or 6pm, but this is their tea time, so they didn´t really understand. The restaurant was TEEMING with cockroaches, so no matter what, I couldn´t have eaten anyways. It was so disgusting, I could barely sit there and watch them crawl all over the walls. I don´t even get that creeped out by bugs!!! Lovely Friday night..

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