Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 6

First day of school: Finally home, almost an hour and a half after getting out. I´ve been in class more or less 10hrs today. 730-1230, 215-630. I have days like this Tuesdays and Fridays, and only till 1230 the rest of the days. My classes that I had today were Civics, Math, English (advanced hahaha), Chemistry (instead, we had an assembly about a mililtary college), Philosophy (with a test!) and Biology (also with test). I am exhaused beyond belief. But at least I made some friends. There are two exchange students in my class, one from NZ, the other from Arkansas. There are also.. about another 3 or 4 people in the class that speak very good english. The class stays together, moving from classroom to classroom, so I didn´t meet everyone at first. But the english speakers switched to the other class of grade twelves to take their advanced english course, so I met even more kids, more of which spoke english. Which I guess is good for my first day, but in the long run, I hope doesn´t impede my learning. I´ve realized that I this family is the perfect family for me to have come to, being a vegetarian. They´ve found this restaurant that has a vegetarian buffet, and they buy me lunch from there every day. Yet, I think about the `All girls gain weight on their exchange´ situation. I don´t know if that´ll be true for me. It seems this family doesn´t really have much of a schedule to eat (other than lunch), so I find my own food. Which is awesome for me, because I can just go into the fridge and find something I´m in the mood for. Aka, a lot of yogurt, fruit etc.. Nothing TOO unhealthy. Except for the tons of icecream that is everywhere. You know, sometimes I stop what I´m doing, and take a step back to think about everything that is going on. It´s weird. I forget how strange it is that I´m here, that I´m living with another family (strangers). Forget that I´m in South America, trying my heart out to learn another language. It is definitely very surreal. Almost unbelievable taken from another perspective. But I have to remember that when I don´t over analyze everything, I seem to be coping quite fine. Enjoying myself, making friends (I even got invited to a schoolmate´s going away party tomorrow), learning new things every day. Even though there are things that I definitely miss from home, there´s so much here that fills in those gaps in a whole new way. Every day this just gets easier...

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Anonymous said...

i hate you.. thanks for making me cry in the public libery! sounds like you're having alot of fun over there!!!


ps plz dont go to my livejournal.... rofl