Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 1

Good morning good morning. Today is my first day here in SCZ.. The planes were hectic. I spent way too much time in airports. Especially Miami (9+ hrs).. When I finally found my gate a few hours before take off, I finally let myself get a little excited. I made friends with a man names Juan Carlos (apparently an extremely common name), and with this hilarious big black flight attendant that said I looked like a movie star. He ended up hitting on me the whole flight, telling me he loved me everytime he walked by or I smiled hahaha. He even tried to sneak me some free booze, but I politely declined ;) I got in late last night, about 10:30 or so.. The fam had a sign for me at the airport and everything! I was surprised at home comfortable I felt around everyone, especially since Christian, mi hermano, speaks ENGLISH. He is a lifesaver. We went home, set up my room.. and surprise surprise, It´s decorated for a girl! Pink waste baskets and sheets.. LOOOOVE IT hahaha. I slept in until about lunch time yet.. there was a dog outside barking all mornig, it felt like the movie Keeping Mum, where she goes and kills the dog (I hope I don´t..). I made a complete fool of myself at lunch today. Mostly because I didn´t understand a word they were saying. I ended up taking the salad as what I thought was my main dish. OH WELL. Then Alan (19) and his cousin took me out for a drive. I saw my school, and then picked up Oliver (14 I think). Now, I`m just hanging out with Alan because he´s the only one that can attempt to translate for me and my immense confusion. But I think I´ve been on the computer long enough, so I´ll give another update soon!

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