Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 7

Wow, here we are already, the one week mark. I guess it went by pretty quickly, yet it feels like I´ve been here for much longer. Pretty soon, it´ll feel like I´ve always been here. One thing I have to add to another post, when I was talking about the driving here in Bolivia, is that you have to be quite agressive (I´ve discovered). You decide when it´s your turn, and therefore cross over the submissive drivers. Today was day two at school. I had to be there quite early, because my dad needed to be somewhere, and OH NO.. I was stuck at the school before a lot of kids got there (aka my friends) and had to sit there awkwardly until someone I knew came along. It wasn´t as horrible as I thought though. I found out that learning verb tenses in language classes is a waste of time, because you never use anything other than present, past and future. The english teacher was trying to ask me what the past participle of past perfect (I think that´s what she said) and I had NO CLUE what it was. So therefore, to all the immersion kids, doing futur simple etc was a waste of our time!! The french wouldn´t even know what it is hahahaa. I also have a new buddy in english that teaches me spanish, and when I learn some spanish, I´m supposed to help him with his english. Sounds like a pretty decent deal to me. There is a girl in my school from the states that is going back on Friday, and we had a going away party for her. But it was a surprise, so we took her out after school (all the gringas, and another exchange student from another school) to go shopping. I bought a phone, for anyone that wants to know, my new number is 70032464 (I don´t know the long distance #s). We then took her to the house, where all of our school friends were. She was very very surprised, which was surprising to us because Bolivians seem to be horrible liars. It was good to see and talk to people from school without being in the school situation. Even though I wasn´t there too long, I am completely grateful.. The family let me go out, by myself with friends for the whole afternoon and part of the evening. Bit by bit I will gain their trust, and as soon as I can speak spanish properly, will be given new freedoms. Not that they´re horribly strict here, but it´s definitely a change from back at home. Makes me very grateful to have been brought up in the family that I was..

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