Monday, April 20, 2009

Month Eight

Hey everyone. I know I just posted an update the other week, but my mother has advised me that I should be updating a little more often, since I am officially in the TEN DAYS AND LESS timezone. (As an update to everyone, tomorrow is my eight month mark. I leave Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia on May 1st at 11pm. I'll be arriving in Kelowna International around 530pm on Saturday, May 2nd).

There's not a lot going on here in Santa Cruz, other than me making the best of my time here. I'm trying to go out with friends as much as possible. Apparently, this hasn't been too smart, since I've lost my phone TWICE in the past three days. Maybe I need to slow it down a bit hmm?

I have three despedidas, or going away parties to attend to and figure out. My family wants to have one this Friday, for Rotarians to attend. Then Brodie's host family, the family of Jessica (really good friend) wants to hold a churrasco (bbq) for me on Saturday. My classmates as well want to hold a party for me Saturday night. I am going to be crazy, trying to cram all this in.

And while I keep myself amazingly busy, I try not to think of the looming fact that I am actually going home in a week and a half. Good lord, that's a lot scarier putting that down in words. I don't want to think about it, because I don't want to be looking forward to go home. I am enjoying the time I have here, and it shant be ruined by thoughts of going home! I really am excited to go back home, to see my family and friends, and to finally get some nutritious food into me (I am DYING for a veggie burger). But seriously, I will miss it here. I might have had my ups and downs while being here, but in the long run, this was an AMAZING year and I will miss so many people and so many things. Yet, I shall not reminice yet.



Maija Lauren Wallace said...

I added you to my blog, Miss Diez Días.
I didn't realize you haven't even completed 8 months yet! I recall the first day I met you when you walked into Espiritu Santo and I was like "YES!!! FELLOW ENGLISH SPEAKER!!!" and tried to peak at you while you were in the office doing official stuff. It was super exciting to meet you.

Anonymous said...

veggie burger..... im thikning more along the lines of SPINACH DIP!!!!!!!!!!!!