Friday, March 6, 2009

Week 28

Although it has been quite some time since my last blog post, I've been delaying it since I didn't have too much to talk about haha. I figured none of you wanted to read about my boring day-to-day life after the big trip to Peru :P But I guess I do owe a slight update, just to prove that I have NOT dropped off the face of the planet, or disappeared into the jungles of Bolivia.

After getting back from Peru, on Friday the 13th I might add, I got sick. I was pretty much stuck in the house for a week nursing what I thought could be strep throat. But after going to the doctor, being prescribed antibiotics and then me getting better before taking the medication, I realized it had just been a mean sore throat. I must have a pretty weak immune system, because I got almost the exact same thing after returning from my trip to Brasil. My throat hates me travelling!

It was my six month mark two weeks ago, which I quietly celebrated by myself (being sick and all). Another thing slightly ruined by this bacteria was Carnaval. Normally, girls get invited to go out with the guys so that the girls end up not paying for anything during the four days (and the guys end up paying tons of money). I was sick leading right up to Carnaval, which meant I wasn't out enough to get invited by anyone.. and me being as cheap as I am, decided to NOT pay $50+.

I was a little let down that I didn't get to go out, but in the end it worked out because I stumbled across an application on the SFU website for a bunch of entrance scholarships! Holing myself back up in my room, I spent the next few days working on this application, emailing old teachers and writing essays, hoping that I can get something out of these six or seven different scholarships (ranging from $7000-$34 000).

Since then, I've signed up for Spanish classes again. I started on Monday, and am really excited about them. They're one on one, so I can work on everything I feel I need to work on. Hopefully by the time I leave, I will be at a level of Spanish that I am content with! I've also made some plans to take some cooking classes, but those haven't started yet. I'll learn how to make some local dishes so that I have something to show when I get home!

Other than that, I've been out with friends shopping, baking and doing the usual daily boring stuff. I almost got my necklace stolen from my neck, walking outside my house. The guy snuck up behind me and tried to rip it off me, but I grabbed it and it broke in my hand. I was sad that it broke, and kind of stunned that he just kind of casually walked off after not getting the prize. Welcome to my neighborhood, where I'm scared to leave the house.

I also have had two Bolivian friends come back from exchanges in the States and Germany. One is only back for a week (the other for good) but it's nice to get to see friends again before I leave for the end of my exchange.. Speaking of which, the date looms closer and closer. I think I am now at only two months left. So for the next little while I will be off trying to do all the things I wanted to do while in Bolivia!

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