Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week 24

Back from my trip, back to normal life in Santa Cruz. A bit of adjustment time needed, to get used to the whole sitting around and doing nothing business. But I've gotten into the swing of things, and have my life back. Done a bit of pondering. I've realized that people take for granted the art of conversation, of argument. Not only do I now appreciate being able to fully understand every word of a language (even whats muttered under the breath), but also fully appreciate being able to retaliate with anything my little mind can come up with.. arguments even. You really cannot have a good argument unless you have a massive grasp on the language.

Now the past week and a half have flown by. We got back from the trip, and then there was the mental preparation for the upcoming referendum vote. Even had to go to a going away party for two students who were moving to Argentina before the vote. The day of the vote came and went. I remember discussing what the potential outcome was with a few cruceños; no possible outcome other than NO to the new constitution, they knew for a fact. Some of the not so biased opinions knew that there had to be a percentage that the SÍ vote could pass through. In the end, the sí won, and a lot of people from Santa Cruz were crushed. But nothing catastrophic happened.

Then Ethan was in Santa Cruz, to prepare his Brazilian visa (lucky bum, going to Brasil), which kept us busy for almost a week. Everyone got together almost every night to do something, like go out for dinner, or to a concert. I even saw the movie Benjamin Button, which was a pretty good movie. Some of the exchange students are preparing to go back to school (university and high school both start TOMORROW), so we checked out one of the universities. I myself have been chatting with my parents about my options (twice graduated and too old for high school, yet can't take uni courses in case of loss of scholarships).. We've figured that I'll take spanish classes, cooking classes and get a gym pass for the time being. My dad has a friend that is involved in an orchestra here, so I might get involved with that as well.

Then yesterday, my family decided to take a trip to Buena Vista, a little town about 100kms from Scz... for some down time. It was a three hour drive, and we stayed in a little cabaña with friends of the family. It was very chill, with not much to do but lounge in the hammack and read my book (The Satanic Verses, it's finally coming along!). I realized here (although I've had this realization before) that I am living in a tropical environment... It happens from time to time, either lounging by the pool in the swealtering heat and noticing the latin tunes and the palm trees, or reading a description about a tropical land and looking around to see everything described. We were right near a national park (parque Amboró), and I felt it with the green everywhere. I even got to see a tucan (THE most gorgeous bird to ever exist) and cocoa beans. Those made me think about the episode of The Magic Schoolbus, where they go to the rainforest. I am SO close to it all!

Arriving back in Santa Cruz, I am back in the city... awat from the gorgeousness and lushness of Bolivian nature. I now realize it's February and Superbowl time woooo hoooo :\ I now have preparations to make, because Sarah and I are off to PERÚ next week.. MACHU PICCHU, HERE I COME!!!!

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